17 January 2006


I had a good weekend.  I won thirty bucks at river-casino blackjack and my Steelers knocked the best team in the NFL out of the playoffs.  I say it'll be Steelers over Panthers in the Super Bowl.

At the grocery store tonight I saw a brand of canned vegetables called "Valu Time".  You know you're looking at a cheap product when they misspell a word in the brand name.  I mean, what was the company thinking?  "Our operation's so cheap we hire illiterates."  "Dictionaries are expensive."  "We can't afford all five letters!"  It's not as if shoppers need an extra clue that the price is low—a can of tomatoes was 49 cents.  Now that's valu.

But if Valu Time made ice cream, I'd try it.  I've tried every other brand of ice cream in St. Louis and they all suck.  Ben & Jerry's is good, but you can't eat that too often.  And, yeah, there's Ted Drewes, but you really can't eat that often.  Why don't we get Blue Bell here?  I saw a carton of Blue Bell on an old episode of Dream On recently, and that show took place in New York.  Did they just skip the Midwest?  Come on, Blue Bell . . . !


At 01 September, 2006 15:29, Blogger Rob said...

Blue Bell is only available in the South.  One of Dream On's producers must have been from the South.


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