07 August 2006


I'm not usually much for quizzes, but here's a fun one:

Are you a Rebel or a Yankee?

As a Texan among Northerners, I wasn't surprised to get the highest score in my lab.  I scored 78% Dixie.  Actually, my mom, who was born and raised in Mississippi and went to college at Vanderbilt, scored only 73%.  Ironically, everyone loves my mom's Southern accent, while no one seems to think I have much of a Texas accent at all.

You can see how well different responses to the quiz questions (and many others) correlate to areas of the country by checking out the dialect survey maps.  The "pajamas" map is an especially good example: overwhelmingly, Southerners say "pajahmas" and Yankees say "pajammas".  There's also a much less useful but fun advanced version of the quiz—less useful because most of the Southernisms in it are rare these days even in the South.


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