03 October 2006

Sweet start

Well, Frank Thomas hit two homers, Barry Zito pitched well and Huston Street closed it out as the Athletics beat the Twins in the first game of the "division series" (god, I hate the wild card).  A great analysis of the A's / Twins matchup (by a Twins fan) gives the edge to the Twins, but mostly based on the pitching of Johan Santana, who lost today and may not pitch again in the series if Oakland can close it out in three or four games.  Looks pretty good for the Athletics right now.

It seems that the experts are picking the Twins to win the series and the damn Yankees to win it all.  I sure hope they're wrong.


At 09 October, 2006 20:32, Anonymous Scott Friedman said...


This blog has gone unbeknownst to me for some time. Because you are interesting, weird, interestingly weird, and winterestingly ieird, I shall heretoforth frequent your blog.

I must read it - nay, I must commit it to memory. All of it.

Hope things are going well, sir.


At 10 October, 2006 15:38, Blogger Rob said...

My blog is unworthy of your kind words, sir, but I am proud to name you as a reader, even if you evidently prefer the postincrement to the preincrement operator, which I regard as anathema.


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