08 March 2007

Ridiculing easy targets

This last weekend I posted about the webpages of a girl that O's brother had met, making fun of her bizarre lies and exaggerations.  But after reading it again, that post seemed overly harsh and mean-spirited, so I deleted it. I have better things to write about anyway.

. . . like the University of Metaphysical Sciences!  UMS offers courses such as Wizards, Magical Creatures & Adepts, Witchcraft, Divination Systems, Crystals/Gemstones, Astrology Basics, Connecting With Angels, Aura Viewing, Feng Shui, Ear Candling (!), Breatharianism, Mary Magdalene, Vibrational Healing, and, of course, Attracting Clients.  What a relief to know that there's training out there for New-Age pseudoscientists.

How easy is it to earn a doctoral degree at UMS?  One of the Frequently Asked Questions is "Can I have all the Doctorates and my Ph.D.?  What if I want all of it?"  The answer is "We do not recommend more than two doctorate degrees."  And here I am working hard like a sucker for just one.


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