24 February 2007

Early presidential candidates

If the primaries were held today and I had to vote in each . . .

Republican: Ron Paul.  He's one of the only good guys in Washington, and if he won we'd have to change his nickname from Dr. No to Dr. Veto.  He stands firmly against monetary inflation, unnecessary war and powerful government in general. 
He actually won comfortably in the PajamasMedia straw poll last week (see February 19th) but was removed from this week's poll because he wasn't included in Gallup polls.  Gallup sucks.

Libertarian: Doug Stanhope.  He's only a semi-serious candidate, but I think he'd make an excellent president.  Seriously.  The other Libertarian candidates so far are uninspiring.

Democrat: Bill Richardson.  He seems like the least of the evils now that Mark Warner pulled out.  Actually, I wouldn't even have to hold my nose to vote for him:  The Cato Institute rated him one of the most fiscally responsible state governors.  But he's only the second-best governor of New Mexico of the past ten years:  They were lucky enough to have two terms of the anti-drug-war Republican Gary Johnson, who really should get back into politics.

Unfortunately, all of the frontrunners for president are scum.  No matter who wins, we'll likely see higher federal budgets and less freedom.  The best I can realistically hope for is a Republican Congress and a Democratic president who hate each other.  Vetoes are good for America.


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