30 May 2008

Two cool sites I found from a third cool site

FiveThirtyEight.com has some impressive analysis of polls for the presidential election.  According to his latest numbers, if Clinton were somehow nominated she'd have about a 63% chance of beating McCain, but Obama and McCain are a toss-up.  That's just the opposite of what I'd been hearing; in particular, I thought the aim of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos was to help Hillary win in the hope that she'd make a weaker opponent for McCain, but apparently the goal is subtly different.

Anyway, if the Democrats are most interested in beating McCain, the superdelegates might be best off strategically voting for Hillary.  Of course, if we used approval voting in the general election, no such problem would exist; both Clinton and Obama could face McCain in November without splitting the vote and the candidate with the most universal appeal would win.  Ron Paul could run too!

On a seemingly unrelated note, here's a visual history of how the Oakland Athletics came by their 2008 team.  It's like baseball genealogy.

The third cool site is Baseball Think Factory.


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