29 October 2006

They won it at home

Just as I hoped, the Cardinals swept the Tigers in the three games in St. Louis to wrap up the 2006 World Series.  They barely limped into the playoffs after avoiding what would have been the most spectacular late-season collapse in major-league history, they had the worst regular-season record of any Cardinals team of the last seven years and they may be the worst team ever to win a World Series, but in these games everything fell their way.  Carpenter pitched a gem in Game 3, and Games 4 and 5 were both exciting Cardinals comebacks that might have been lost if not for Detroit's several fielding errors.  Anything can happen in a short series, and watching these games from the stands among devoted fans was thrilling.

Given points for being tiny and scrappy, David Eckstein was a sentimental choice for Series MVP, but in truth Scott Rolen was more deserving.  Actually, Sean Casey of the Tigers was the most valuable player of the Series, even though he was on the losing team.

Now I can start paying attention to football.  What's been going on with my Steelers?  It would be so much easier just to be a Colts fan . . .


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