15 May 2007

RP is rolling!

In a previous post, I wrote that I support Republican Ron Paul and Libertarian Doug Stanhope for president.  Since then, Stanhope has dropped out but Paul has done better than I could have hoped for.

His performance (watch highlights) at the May 3rd debate was very impressive; he has finished first in post-debate polls from ABC News, MSNBC and C-SPAN and also did very well in a Drudge Report poll.  According to another MSNBC poll, he "stood out from the pack", "showed the most leadership qualities", was the "most convincing candidate" and had the "best one-liner".  He's even getting some positive mainstream coverage, though not as much as he deserves.  Maybe his message of constitutionally limited government is finally getting heard and finding favor; even if he doesn't get the nomination, he's doing more than the Libertarian Party can do to spread ideas of liberty.


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