10 June 2007

Two feelms and a flick

Since O has been out of the country I've gone to see three movies, coincidentally all with surprise pregnancies: Waitress, Knocked Up and Mr. Brooks.  The pregnancies are more or less central to the plot in Waitress and Knocked Up.  They're both heartfelt and very funny and I'd recommend both of them to almost anyone.

In contrast, the plot of Mr. Brooks is too overloaded for the pregnancy even to register.  I saw it yesterday; reviews were mixed, but it just sounded interesting.  Kevin Costner stars as an accomplished businessman and family man who sometimes gives in to his addiction to killing people.  William Hurt plays the antisocial aspect of his personality who sits next to him in his car and has conversations with him.  These scenes, like most of the rest of the movie, must have sounded ridiculous on paper, but they're actually very effective.  On the whole the movie had way too much going on, it was mostly implausible and one character's motivation was hard to understand, but it was damn fun and the twists were satisfying and unguessable.  Thumbs up.

Any other great movies out right now?  Leave a comment!


At 12 June, 2007 18:36, Blogger Robert S. Price Jr. said...

My wife has been making me see films she wants to go see. I've seen Pirates 3, Spiderman 3 and Disturbia. I liked one of them, and it wasn't a sequel. Shia LeBeouf ftw.


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