23 November 2007


Another Aggie win over t.u.!  We were 7-point underdogs and, like last year, we lost more yards to penalties.  Unlike last year, we dominated in pretty much every facet of the game: first downs, time of possession, yards rushing, yards passing and converting on third down; our offense seemed to move the ball at will and the Wrecking Crew made the important stops.  We led the whole way and the game wasn't nearly as close as the final score—we led by 17 in the fourth quarter and played very conservatively from then on.

A&M head coach Dennis Franchione gave a rudely brusque interview after the game (though the interviewer wasn't blameless), then "stepped down" (agreed to be bought out) as coach.  I'm glad he gave us two straight wins over t.u. but I'm not too sorry to see him go.  I hope we can find another classy coach like good ol' R. C. Slocum, who I think was fired too soon.

So we beat the hell outta t.u., Coach Fran is gone and Aggie basketball won the NIT Season Tip-Off.  What a great day for A&M!

Tomorrow's a huge day for college football.  Mizzou vs. Kansas is the biggest game, my parents' almae matres, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt, play each other, and I'm now free to root for Oklahoma State in the Bedlam game without worrying about t.u. squeaking into the Big 12 championship game.  I hope I have enough discipline to get work done anyway.


At 24 November, 2007 06:22, Blogger Robert S. Price Jr. said...

It was one hell of a game bro. All week at work everyone was giving a fellow Aggie fan and I, hell over how bad t.u. was gonna beat us. All I could do was agree. Man, i'm gonna be a sh*ttalkin mofo at work on Monday. I was wondering what Franchione's problem was. He just won a huge upset and was down right rude. Oh well. Lookin forward to 3 in a row.


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