26 November 2007

Wasted chance?

Well, Texas A&M has hired Mike Sherman as head coach, apparently without interviewing anyone else.  I'm disappointed.  I wasn't excited when Franchione was hired, and I'm not excited about Sherman.  Will he really be able to recruit competitively in Texas?  Does he know the college game well enough to succeed?  We're going to pay him almost as much as we paid Franchione, and though I'm no college football expert, I can't see how he's worth it.  I wish we'd been able to use the opportunity to get someone more exciting, like Rich Rodriguez, Chris Petersen or Tommy Tuberville—not to say that we could have got those guys, but why not try?  (The Coaches Hot Seat Blog says, "Sherman would not be in the first 25 guys we would call if we were the AD at A&M.  No, make that in the first 100 guys we would call.")  Sherman is an offensive mind, so we'd better find an excellent defensive coordinator to keep up our waning Wrecking Crew tradition.

While checking out AggieCoach.com, I noticed that they used an A&M logo that I drew almost fifteen years ago for my desktop wallpaper.  I guess someone must have found it on my Schuhmacher Hall homepage.  Weird.  Anyone know how to search the Web for a specific graphic file, given data like predominant color, exact file size, exact dimensions, etc.?  I'd like to see how widely it's spread, and Google Advanced Image Search is no help.


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