31 October 2006

Show Me a good candidate!

I don't vote here in Missouri, but I'm still subjected to the political ads.  This year Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill are fighting it out for a U.S. Senate seat.  Not only are their ads invariably negative, but they're both falling over themselves to prove that they want big government more than the other.  Jim Talent voted to cut Medicaid benefits!  (Good for him.)  Claire McCaskill would have voted against giving the NSA wider surveillance powers!  (Good for her.)  Talent voted against raising the minimum wage!  (Hell yeah.)  McCaskill wants to legalize human cloning!  (Bull$#!+, and even she would probably try to regulate stem-cell research more than I'd prefer.)

If I had to vote here and had to choose either Talent or McCaskill, I'd have to go with Talent, as unappealing as he is.  At least he's been rated as one of the more fiscally conservative members of Congress.  But I'd rather skip 'em both and vote for Libertarian Frank Gilmour, if only to send a message.

At least one columnist is predicting "a decisive Democratic victory" in the November elections.  And he's a former Air Force officer, so he can't be accused of being a knee-jerk anti-war liberal.  His column uses the word myriad but it's a great read anyway.  As for me, I'd like to see Republicans lose at least one of the House and the Senate.  We need more gridlock at the top and more opposition to Bush's agenda.  Even better, how about a handful of Libertarians in the House to act as swing votes?  But really I'll just be glad when this election is over.


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