06 November 2006

Frozen Peas for Senate

I just saw an online ad that said "Vote Frozen Peas for Senate".  It linked to payattention.org, a bizarre site that mocks citizens who don't pay attention to politics in the style of The Onion.  Non-candidates such as Spoiled Yappy Dog and Broken File Cabinet are portrayed as running for public office.  The point, presumably, is to encourage voters to get informed about "the issues" and vote, but actually I'd rather vote for Frozen Peas than most of the scummy candidates that are winning these days; at least Frozen Peas wouldn't raise taxes.  Furthermore, I'm not in favor of encouraging people to vote.  Really.  If political information is readily available and someone isn't motivated to vote, I'd rather his vote not count.  Besides, isn't there a certain nobility in refusing to participate in a corrupt process that votes money away from some and to others?  I do vote, but I usually feel like taking a shower afterwards, and I sympathize with principled non-voters.  At least here in the U.S.A., unlike in Australia, we still have the freedom not to vote!


At 23 September, 2008 22:11, Blogger ogsy said...

I thought I'd update it for the current election. I think you might have to be British to get it but whatever.



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