02 November 2006

Voting day

As I mentioned in my last post, I vote in Texas, and today I mailed my absentee ballot.  I ended up voting for four Republicans, four Democrats and twenty-three Libertarians, and I voted against all seven Austin city bond issues.  (I abstained in fifteen local races with one unopposed Democrat.)  The easiest races to vote in were the two-way races with a Libertarian against a Republican or a Democrat—the Libertarian was the obvious choice each time.  I also ended up voting for the Libertarian in the three-way races, except for one race in which I chose a pretty good liberty-minded Republican candidate over a Libertarian who ran a paper campaign only.  For the seven races with one Republican and one Democrat, I spent some time researching and made a relatively informed choice.  They all were for judges of different kinds, and, given the information I found, overall I ended up feeling more comfortable with the Republicans for courts that hear mostly civil cases and the Democrats for courts that hear mostly criminal cases.

Mina Brees, the mother of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, was the Democratic candidate in one of the races.  He was angry that she used his image and fame in her campaign and publicly asked that she stop.  I chose her Republican opponent.


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