20 January 2008

RP finishes second

Predictably, the Mormon Mitt Romney romped in Nevada, but Ron Paul came in second:

Mitt Romney299497554633784722649465991
John McCain15559885712575215651367302
Mike Huckabee40841268591396993616211015
Ron Paul118171830854434608790646
Fred Thompson15904289032135352154450
Rudy Giuliani40972043924706191051152
Duncan Hunter524121728238905454

As I write this, the votes are still coming in for South Carolina, but it looks like the favored Huckabee will only finish second.  This may be shaping up as a race between Romney and McCain.  On the other hand, if straw polls mean much of anything, Paul may still have a good chance. . . .  Either way, he's getting the message of limited government out to more Americans than any candidate in history.  And who'd have guessed he'd be so far ahead of projected contenders Thompson and Giuliani at this stage?


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