17 November 2006

Still waiting for real change

So what do I think of the election results?  Inh.  Good, bad and same ol'.  I hope we can expect changes in foreign policy, but I fear that the new Congress will be less friendly to free trade.  At least increased federal gridlock must be a good thing.  But I don't have any confidence that those elected are any better than those kicked out were.  Essentially, as the Onion put it, the politicians are still in charge.

I was disappointed at first with the vote totals of Libertarian candidates, especially those of my good friends Michael Badnarik and Rock Howard, but then I found out that LP results were actually better than ever.  Automatic ballot access has been retained in Texas and several important races nationwide may have been "spoiled" by Libertarian candidates.  An article by Ross Kaminsky describes how the Republicans' defeats can largely be explained by their betrayal of their fiscally conservative principles.  They have taken the libertarian ("small L": generally fiscally conservative and socially liberal) vote for granted, but many libertarian voters are fed up and no longer see the Republicans as the lesser of two evils.  Most fallen Republicans deserve their losses.


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