28 January 2008

Faith in computer science?

I've been applying for faculty positions in computer science all over the country.  I've applied to several Christian colleges and none of them seemed to care whether I'm a believing Christian or not; I guess they prefer that I be a good computer scientist.  But recently I came across a job ad that requested that I send, along with the usual documents (cover letter, CV, research statement, teaching philosophy statement, reference letters), a "statement of Christian faith and service".  Then another ad read, "Faculty, who must be born-again Christians, must agree with our doctrinal statement, Community Covenant, . . ."  Yet another ad read, "To be considered for employment, however, applicants must complete an application for employment and a questionnaire giving evidence of a Christian testimony and of a willingness to support the beliefs and practices of the campus community."  And the application does indeed ask as much about Christian beliefs as about professional qualifications.

While I wouldn't mind teaching at a Christian university, and I hate to pass up a possible faculty job, I couldn't apply to any of those positions in good faith.


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