27 June 2008

And now for something completely inexcusable

While watching And Now for Something Completely Different for the first time in a long while there were a few lines I couldn't quite understand, so I turned on the DVD subtitles.  But they were obviously written by a clueless American:  Oswestry is called "Oswald Street" in How Not to Be Seen and Oliver St John Mollusc is called "Oliver Singen Mollusk" in Upper Class Twit of the Year.  How hard would it have been to check with a real Brit when not sure what was said?  Monty Python fans deserve better.

11 June 2008

Bay ball

Tonight we took in an Athletics game.  The stadium's ugly, the food isn't great and they didn't win, but the fans were surprisingly classy and knowledgeable given Oakland's reputation.  The team's slogan is "100% Baseball", which may be inspired by Bill James's description of Don Mattingly: "100% ballplayer, 0% bull$#!+".  On the other hand, if you don't hate the Yankees already, this game would have done it—their fans were obnoxious.

02 June 2008

Juno & Jove

Today O opened her new store's first physical location for business.  As big a fan I am of the free market, I've never had much of an entrepreneurial spirit, and I admire her for working hard and taking on risk to serve customers in a way that reflects her values.  Not many have enough courage and passion to start a business from scratch—I sure don't—but I'm glad people like O have the Unternehmergeist necessary to keep the economy dynamic.  Yay capitalism!