26 November 2007

Wasted chance?

Well, Texas A&M has hired Mike Sherman as head coach, apparently without interviewing anyone else.  I'm disappointed.  I wasn't excited when Franchione was hired, and I'm not excited about Sherman.  Will he really be able to recruit competitively in Texas?  Does he know the college game well enough to succeed?  We're going to pay him almost as much as we paid Franchione, and though I'm no college football expert, I can't see how he's worth it.  I wish we'd been able to use the opportunity to get someone more exciting, like Rich Rodriguez, Chris Petersen or Tommy Tuberville—not to say that we could have got those guys, but why not try?  (The Coaches Hot Seat Blog says, "Sherman would not be in the first 25 guys we would call if we were the AD at A&M.  No, make that in the first 100 guys we would call.")  Sherman is an offensive mind, so we'd better find an excellent defensive coordinator to keep up our waning Wrecking Crew tradition.

While checking out AggieCoach.com, I noticed that they used an A&M logo that I drew almost fifteen years ago for my desktop wallpaper.  I guess someone must have found it on my Schuhmacher Hall homepage.  Weird.  Anyone know how to search the Web for a specific graphic file, given data like predominant color, exact file size, exact dimensions, etc.?  I'd like to see how widely it's spread, and Google Advanced Image Search is no help.

23 November 2007


Another Aggie win over t.u.!  We were 7-point underdogs and, like last year, we lost more yards to penalties.  Unlike last year, we dominated in pretty much every facet of the game: first downs, time of possession, yards rushing, yards passing and converting on third down; our offense seemed to move the ball at will and the Wrecking Crew made the important stops.  We led the whole way and the game wasn't nearly as close as the final score—we led by 17 in the fourth quarter and played very conservatively from then on.

A&M head coach Dennis Franchione gave a rudely brusque interview after the game (though the interviewer wasn't blameless), then "stepped down" (agreed to be bought out) as coach.  I'm glad he gave us two straight wins over t.u. but I'm not too sorry to see him go.  I hope we can find another classy coach like good ol' R. C. Slocum, who I think was fired too soon.

So we beat the hell outta t.u., Coach Fran is gone and Aggie basketball won the NIT Season Tip-Off.  What a great day for A&M!

Tomorrow's a huge day for college football.  Mizzou vs. Kansas is the biggest game, my parents' almae matres, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt, play each other, and I'm now free to root for Oklahoma State in the Bedlam game without worrying about t.u. squeaking into the Big 12 championship game.  I hope I have enough discipline to get work done anyway.

20 November 2007


I haven't gone to see a movie in quite a while, but I still read reviews in case something comes out that I just have to make time for.  Often I enjoy the review more than I imagine I would enjoy seeing the movie.

Planet Sick-Boy had this to say about American Gangster: "If you put a gun to my head and made me say something nice about Gangster, I’d mutter something about set decoration, and lots and lots of awful hairdos.  Then I’d politely ask you to pull the trigger."

13 November 2007


If you love PostSecret but would like something funnier and maybe a bit less heartbreaking, try Found.  People scan in all sorts of stuff that they just happen across.  Some found items are tragic, some are gut-busting, some are perplexing and many are all three.

More substantial posts when time allows.

06 November 2007


Ron Paul ended up raising over four million dollars yesterday.  Not bad for a dark horse.  Obviously many Americans are tired of being good little citizens.

He even got some mainstream coverage out of it, though some are fighting it.  But we badly need an alternative when the Republican frontrunner doesn't know the Bill of Rights.

05 November 2007

Big day for RP

In a big push to overtake the other high-profile candidates, Ron Paul is aiming to raise ten million dollars in one day, and he's actually more than a quarter of the way there!  The mainstream media still treat him as a longshot, but according to the odds he has a better shot than Mitt Romney.  So help him out!  Surely you can spare a hundy to help him make it to $10000000.