27 August 2007


Can you figure out whether the following statements are true or false?  Careful . . .

Statement A: "Statement C is true."
Statement B: "Statement G is true."
Statement C: "Statement A is true."
Statement D: "The 2002 Oakland Athletics won 103 games."
Statement E: "Statement H is false."
Statement F: "Statement D is false."
Statement G: "Statement B is false."
Statement H: "Statement E is false."
Statement I: "Statement F is false."

Post a comment with your answers!

20 August 2007

My genes and I

My genes built me as a way to pass themselves on.

They built me to feel good after sex so I'd reproduce.

They built me to feel good after eating and exercising so I'd survive long enough to reproduce.

They built me to feel good after solving problems so I'd be able to handle situations not often seen before (and so I'd be able to convince someone to help me reproduce).

And that's where they screwed up.

Because my genes built me to feel better after solving an interesting problem than I do after sex, eating or exercise.  In fact, when I'm working on an interesting research problem at school, I often forget about everything else, including meals.  And I'm almost 31 years old and still don't feel a strong desire to have my own children.

The body my genes built no longer shares their priorities.

My genes outwitted themselves.